3 Factors all PE Teachers Should Consider


Author: Marquis Thompson

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A PE teacher is a very important job in the school system. PE teachers can impact the way children view physical education and can leave a lasting impact on that child’s life. When PE time is fun, interactive and educational, kids can develop important skills such as hand-eye coordination, proper movement skills and other important sport specific skills.

So what makes such a great PE Teacher? I’ve identified three key factors that will make your PE every child’s favorite class!  

Be the Facilitator

It is important to maintain good classroom management while being the facilitator during the physical education class. Do not allow students to pick their own teams for team sport activities. As the physical educator, pick the teams for the students randomly or divide the more athletic students up evenly. Number the kids off, have them draw straws, or pick teams at random; there are a variety of creative ways to make teams. Whatever you do though, don’t let them choose the teams themselves! This prevents the embarrassment of the students that often get picked last because of their lack of athletic ability.   


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Encouragement is an important trait for all PE Teacher. Encouragement is one of the best ways to engage with your students and a great way to keep them engaged the entire class. Teaching students that encouraging one another can also be a great life lesson that can be learned in PE class. Students are often seeking positive reinforcement, especially at the elementary level and a smile, high five or pat on the back can go a long way!

Utilize Music

Music not only gives background noise during class activities, but it can also be utilized as a classroom management tool. In my gym, when the music is playing, students automatically move around; when I turn off the music, they instantly stop what they’re doing and look for new directions or instruction. Utilizing music in this manner, eliminates having to use verbal cues to make transitions.

Bottom Line

Be the facilitator by picking teams for each activity. Provide encouragement to students to keep them engaged. Utilize music as a tool to maintain classroom management. The best Physical Educators will do all three of these and more in order to make an impact on the students they teach.