Kinesiology: With Meaning Comes Purpose

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Author: Amanda Williams

According to Winston Churchill, “It is not enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for something.” Everyone wants to find their purpose because without purpose what is the point of life? And, finding purpose is exactly what I set out to do as a new college student.

Heading into college, I thought I had life all figured out. I was going to be a nurse. I was going to help people, maybe even save lives. However, I soon realized that nursing was just not meant for me. It wasn’t a place that I felt like I fit in, I just didn’t feel like I was fully myself.  That is when I, thankfully, heard about Kinesiology.


After the first few weeks of Kinesiology classes, I fell in love. I had a support system. My professors implemented hands-on learning, and created open environments where I could express myself. My classmates always helped and made me feel part of something bigger than myself. This wasn’t just class. It was a way of life, and we were all in this together. 

As a Kinesiology major, I realized the need to take care of myself. I realized that the foundations of Kinesiology aligned with the lifestyle I wanted to live. I started practicing yoga, eating better, and working out regularly. I began to build more confidence. My mood was better. My anxiety had decreased. And, I was sleeping more than I had in years. I have always wanted to live an active lifestyle, but the further I get into my field the more I realize that this is something I could do AND wanted to everyday. A lifestyle that helped me to be my best.  A lifestyle that had meaning.

Heading into the future, I’m hoping to change the lives of everyone around me. Kinesiology has given me the knowledge and the skills to motivate people to stay active and healthy. I want to meet people where they are and encourage them to improve. I want to challenge everyone to be the best version of themselves. My professors have taught me that the Kinesiology discipline builds servant leaders that are dedicated to helping others. I can even save lives before people even realize that they need saving.

Kinesiology has been my safe haven and a place where I can call home. The place where I answered the calling to serve others. Kinesiology is where I found purpose. It is what I am determined to live for.

I will forever be grateful for the opportunities Kinesiology has given me, the support system that I have had and the future that is ahead of me. I want people to know that it’s okay that life doesn’t go as planned. Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.