3 Things Every Kinesiology Major Have In Common


Author: Walker Loyd

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Kinesiology majors live life on the go. We find joy in the madness of the various movement patterns of life. We put our best foot forward, gaining a deeper understanding our own body and how it moves in relation to others and this planet. We live life through trial and error, and are constantly making adjustments. Most Kinesiology-minded people would rather show you than tell you what we know with big expressive movements along with a huge smile grinning from ear to ear. Throughout my journey as a Kinesiology major, I have found three common threads woven into the lives of Kinesiologists. 

We Move Forward

 Kinesiology majors tend to think of life as a race as opposed of something to just merely get through. The word kinesiology actually means the study of movement. The first part of the word “Kines” comes from kinesthetic which means movement. Those who pursue a degree in kinesiology learn how to socialize and network, because the reality is, we weren’t made to move alone. We make other individuals better by bumping shoulders and teaming up to accomplish a goal. If you want to move forward then you have to work smarter not harder. This means working as a team and moving forward together.

We Study Up

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Kinesiology majors are curious. We race into the unknown to explore the uncharted territory in the world of fitness and wellness. Ambition or laziness, you decide, but we want to know how to get the best results in the shortest amount of time. We want to learn how to move our bodies faster and stronger, this is why we study. We know that knowledge is power, so we aim to grow and expand our field of study while adding to our arsenal of knowledge and skills. If we aren’t growing and moving forward, we begin to lose the essence of what makes us Kinesiology majors. 

We are Intentional

We take pride in what we do, because everything we do is intentional. More than just taking in information, we analyze the data and make decisions. We do this with calories, the weight room, and our time. There is always a plan. Part of being a Kinesiology major is making a plan and sticking to it. Deviation from that plan is okay so long as we are gaining ground and making progress. Kinesiology majors have the running knowledge of how to make an effective plan that optimizes potential and gets results.  

Bottom Line

While these three things might not all be present at once, all Kinesiology majors are doing them. It is who we are. Kinesiology majors have tasted the sweet victory that comes from being the first to cross the finish line. This is what drives us, and propels us through our next race. I find that moving forward, studying up, and being intentional is written so deeply into my core than I can no longer deny that these three are all elements of what it means to be a Kinesiology major.