How a Fearless Champion & Leader was Created


Author: Micah Broughton


As a Kinesiology major, I pledge to be an example of what it takes to maintain health and wellness through movement. I chose to show others how to efficiently and effectively take care of their health through movement. Tarleton State has provided me with hands-on learning experiences which enable me to be help the people around me learn to live their best life.

As young teen who enrolled in college as a timid/quiet student, I have learned how to act and present myself in a bold, confident manner. I have gained the confidence to stand in front of others present topics related to health and wellness. My professors taught me to be self-assured in my knowledge and skills. Acting as a Kinesiology major has required me to work with diligence, patience, intelligence, thoughtfulness, and integrity. I have become a Wellness Coach.

The faculty in the Kinesiology Department consider themselves to be a cohesive unit that constantly challenge their students to stretch and grow as young professionals. Team Kinesiology is a tight family that works together day in and day out for the benefit of others. My personal experience has taught me to step up to help those in need because we are a team. We work to provide students with the tools to become advocates so that they can live their best life. We do this through dedicated, compassionate teaching. I have become a leader.


Working beside our Team has allowed me to grow and establish a network of colleagues who push me outside of my comfort zone. I have been encouraged to travel the world and utilize the knowledge and tools I have learned in my time as a student. Studying abroad has required me to practice my communication, teamwork, and leadership skills. I have learned how to effectively communicate with people who may not be familiar with the importance of health and wellness. I have set my sights beyond my neighborhood.

Team Kinesiology has provided me with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to become a strong leader in the field of health and wellness. I have built a powerful resume. I have grown as a professional. I have become a Fearless Champion.