I’m back!


Author: Angela

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I've always said that God has a funny sense of humor. Deciding to return to college after 13 years was a very hard decision to make. And here’s why!

The Backstory

Reality had drastically changed leading up to my return to school, but God's plan seemed to be bigger than mine. I was never naturally "good" in school. I had to work very hard to be a mediocre student. So the idea of going back to college after all these years and put forth all the time and hard work in a short two year plan was extremely scary.

The Why 

My drive for this decision was solely based on my children. I was the breadwinner. I was the full-time caregiver. I was the only one they could depend on and look up to. To have a career with stability, benefits, and a future is what we needed in order to survive as a family.

Round Two… 13 Years Later 

As it took three months for Tarleton to accept me, it became a hangnail trying to decide which way life was going to go. A decision came five days before classes started back for the spring semester.  After being routed through what seemed like 500 people, I magically got in touch with Dr. Tallach. We had never met but he spent over 45 minutes on the phone with me listening and showing compassion. He spent the rest of the afternoon working on my plan, as we were in a time crunch. He had a plan A and a Plan B. 

With my current reality we chose to go with Plan B. It was considered the fastest route to graduation. I am pursuing the non-traditional route…the road less traveled. My major in Kinesiology and minor in English means that I am well on my way to becoming a PE teacher and Junior High coach!

Enjoying the journey 

Diving head first into Kinesiology has opened my mind to a whole new world.  It’s given me a greater understanding of health and wellness principles, motor functions, and overall wellness. The rewards of choosing this route are being able to complete my aspirations, being able to be around my children even more, and empowering me to achieve bigger and greater things all while doing what I am passionate about.

I can honestly say that choosing Kinesiology has lit a newfound fire under my feet.  Again, God sure does have a funny sense of humor!