What Does it Mean to be a Kinesiology Student?


Author: Chad Rasberry


Are you thinking of studying Kinesiology? Are you wondering how a Kinesiology degree will help you become successful in your field? Let me help address some of your concerns by sharing my experience as a Tarleton State University School of Kinesiology student!

How will the information you learn in Kinesiology classes help you develop as a professional?

As non-traditional student, I have pushed myself to absorb the most information possible from every class and every professor. Since I will be completing my degree in less than four years, I am very grateful that the classes within the School of Kinesiology is very hands on. Through research projects, group assignments, internships, and professional development opportunities, the Kinesiology degree at TSU will groom you to be ready for life after college. Personally, my long-term goal is to be a teacher/coach or to continue my education to eventually work in a rehabilitation center.

What principles and skills have you acquired during your time in college as a Kinesiology student?


A major principle preached within the TSU School of Kinesiology is that as Kinesiology students, your mission is to help others. As Kinesiology majors, we learn how to spread our knowledge to others. We learn how to help others live their best life. During your time in the School of Kinesiology, you will learn to become a confident professional with the required skills to educate, teach, and empower others. You will be ready to take on the world and make it what you want!  

What does it mean to be a professional in Kinesiology?

Being a professional in the field of Kinesiology is being able to share your acquired knowledge to the appropriate audience. It’s the ability to speak and act professionally and show that you know what you’re talking about. It’s about being confident in your skills and always learning new ones. It’s about being curious, asking questions, and learning from your peers. Being a professional within the field of Kinesiology means empowering others to live their best life!

Bottom Line

Being a Kinesiology major can open many doors. You have a chance to touch the lives of others and help them live a healthier, more satisfied life. The Tarleton State University School of Kinesiology has helped me become a better leader by helping me grow my confidence, my knowledge of teaching and coaching, and has given me opportunities to become a better professional. Go ahead, enroll in a KINE class, and I promise you’ll be hooked!