A Different Kind of Love: The Kinesiology Kind

Author: Sarah Coulter


Scholars will define Kinesiology as the study of the movement of the body. I on the other hand would go one step further. To me, Kinesiology is about helping others live their healthiest live. It’s about empowering others through the skills and knowledge I learned during my four years as a Kinesiology major.

What do YOU want?

There are many paths available when graduating high school. The field of Kinesiology is often unknown to high school students or is automatically equated with coaching. Kinesiology is so much more than sports and coaching. There are many different fields within the umbrella of Kinesiology such as exercise science, allied health, physical therapy, coaching, athletic training, rehabilitation, strength and conditioning and so much more. Knowing what Kinesiology entails is the first step in understanding what a fulfilling and enriching career it can be.

The Content Love

A Kinesiology major learns multiple things such as how to handle emotions, how to handle patients, how to handle rehabilitation and therapy of others, and really how to handle healing others. Kinesiology is a never-ending school, by learning something new every day you wake up and realize this is the real content part of knowing kinesiology is not for the faint of heart, but for the ones who love helping others, even after graduation. EAHP (Exercise and Allied Health Professions) gives many students to really dig into their own personal love for Kinesiology.  

 The Real and Only Love

Kinesiology majors use skills such as compassion., empathy, leadership, management, and hands on interacting with real people. These skills are used every day in life, not just in the work field, and that is what makes a Kinesiologist a Professional in their very own life and shows them the real love to kinesiology. Kinesiologists use these skills to help patients heal back to their fully healthy life. 

The real love comes from knowing that kinesiology is what you want to do, and pursuing it in everything you do, putting the skills and character traits learned to make you a better person in not only your life, but everyone who you chose to be arounds life and those that you help. 

Kinesiology is the choice in helping others reach their full potential, with the confidence in helping yourself to put the patients first & Tarleton Kinesiology has helped with that.