A Touchdown, Home run, and a Swish


Author: Alex Reeves 

Baseball Coach.jpg

My grandfather was and still is my inspiration for everything I want to be in life. He taught me how to be a gentleman, how to take every opportunity by the horns, and to take responsibility for my actions. Growing up I never knew what I wanted to be, and yet I had a feeling a career in coaching and molding young athletes was what my calling was. As I went through middle school, I had one of the most humble and opportunistic coaches I had ever met. He showed me how coaches should treat athletes and how every player should get an opportunity to be recognized and given a chance to shine.


A coach can be defined by many words. Some that come to mind are leader, contact, influencer, opportunist, and role model. I think role model is the most important because a coach should be there for his/her athletes, especially when they don’t have anyone to look up to. Sports is an area where kids and adults can escape from their trouble and seek refuge when times are hard.


Pursuing a degree in Kinesiology has taught me the leadership skills necessary to become that role model. It has pushed me to want to inspire my athletes and others around me. Time and time again, I have been reminded that we are not all the same. We’ve all had different childhoods, different backgrounds, different socio-economic situations, and different upbringings. Every athlete has a story. Every athlete brings their own unique take to a situation. As a leader, it is my job to communicate, listen, and understand them not only as athletes, but as people too. That way I can guide them towards success. I can teach them how to score a touchdown on the field and in life.

Home Run

There is always an emotional message that coaches give to inspire their team to work hard and give it their all. The message on my team will be resiliency. That they will face adversity. That people will put you down and want to see you fail. But the only way to hit a home run, is to swing for the fences! Work hard, listen, and learn from everyone you meet. Never let others define your success.

Kinesiology has helped me enhance my communication skills. Through thoughtful conversations with my athletes, I will be able to share my own personal experiences to deliver messages that will hit home. As many have said before, “Be the reason your athletes love the sport. Never be the reason they quit.”


A swish is everything for a young basketball athlete. Barely a sound, the ball perfectly in the middle. The perfect shot. It feels so good. When it clicks, the world makes sense. Kinesiology was my swish. When I discovered what it was I saw myself grow and learn. When I knew this was going to help me accomplish my dream. Kinesiology is my home and it inspires me to coach every day.

This major is very humbling, and I believe it will mold me to be just like the coach and man I hope to one day be.