From the Classroom to the Football Field


Author: Cam Lewis


As I wrap up another year of college, I look back at some of the skills I have developed at Tarleton State University as a Kinesiology student. These characteristics have helped me excel in the classroom, on the field, and in life. As a future Football Camp Director, I hope to one day inspire kids to learn these principles early on so they can achieve success.


Leadership is one of the key characteristics of a successful football player. You know you are leading the right way when others around you are looking up to you and following in your footsteps. Being able to set the example for others is something that pushes me every day. I want to show kids that as a leader, hard work and a never give up attitude can lead to success. I hope to one day be able to lead football camps and show kids that true leadership is not about being the loudest or the biggest, it’s about doing what is right, treating others with respect, and working as hard as you can to achieve your goals.



Communication skills are very important on the football field. From coaches to athletes, being able to communicate with each other is what ensures success. Being clear and knowing your audience can be a game changer. You must also build relationships so that communication can be as effective as possible. I hope to inspire young kids to want to improve their communication skills. I believe that my degree in Kinesiology has helped me improve my speaking and writing skills. I hope to one day be able to use the football field as a way to inspire kids to want to go to college and enrich their lives.

Marketing Skills

Learning how to market yourself as a professional is another important skill I have learned in college. Learning how to properly use social media, producing a podcast, writing a blog, and learning about social media calendars is another way my degree will help me in my future career. I have learned how to stand out. How to be different. How to market myself to parents and my community. Through this new age of technology, I hope to teach kids how to use social media to their advantage.

Bottom Line

The skills learned through my degree in Kinesiology have and will continue to help me in many different areas of my life. I will continue to practice these skills in different settings, so that one day my football camps will expose kids to these leadership principles that I was not privileged to when I grew up. Being able to make a difference in the lives of any kid will be heartwarming and I hope to be a positive role model for all those who meet me.