I Am Better When I Am Dancing 


Author : Briana Scott  

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 Bryant McGill once said “The number one skill in life is to not give up.” This quote is especially true for myself as a kinesiology major because giving up is never an option. My Kinesiology classes taught me to lead by example, be passionate about me work and go after the things I want in life. Throughout my experience as a kinesiology major, I have learned how to be a fearless champion and a coach as well as how to brand myself as a professional. Through branding myself, I have learned how to sell my expertise by showing others my knowledge of dance as well as the attention I pay to detail in the skills of a dancer.  

Dance and the way it helps dancers enhance the movement of their bodies has always been a big part of my life. Being a kinesiology major has molded me into the dance coach I’ve always wanted to be by instilling in me confidence, a coaching style that motivates my team members as well as helping my dancers achieve their own personal goals. Dance allows you to put all of your emotions into a piece and show the audience the story behind the dance. Giving this emotion benefits dancers emotional wellness by instilling the passion in dancers to show others the love they have for dance. This passion is so rewarding in the end when dancers see how their dance affected those in the audience that developed an emotional connection to the piece.

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Every coach’s dream is to coach a team that bonds in a way that makes their team feel like a family. Being on a dance team, relationships are built and there is goodness in knowing the some of those relationships will be lifelong friendships. For example, Tarleton kinesiology has brought me lifelong friends that I know will always be there for me in any situation I go through. My kinesiology degree also created many memories that I will always cherish. I was given the opportunity to be an assistant coach under a coach that has mentored me and helped me become the coach I’ve always wanted to be. She taught me how to be a great director and her support gave me opportunities to learn and grow into the coach I am today. Whether it be from being my personal psychiatrist, to being the dance mom I needed while away from home, she affected my coaching style in so many ways. We made school history together by winning the first national championship for the dance team, and that was an experience I will never forget. I know my college dance career would be very different if I did not have her as a mentor.  If it was not for team kinesiology, my professors and teammates, I do not know where I would be today or who I would be as a coach. I will forever be grateful for the memories and opportunities she gave me as a young dancer.