Live, Breathe, Kinesiology


Author: Ryland Holt

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What does being a Kinesiology major mean? To me, at the most basic level, Kinesiology is how you treat others and work to better their lives as well as your own.

Within the School of Kinesiology there are many specialties and tracks you can pursue. Each specialty works with the next to better us, the health professional, and ensure that we are supplied with all the tools to better our lives.


My journey towards becoming a Kinesiology major began before I even knew where I wanted to go in life. The journey began the moment I walked into my seventh grade athletics period. The first word that a coach ever said to me and every word after that. The things that were said and done to make me the person I am today. I remember my high school cross country coach would always ask me if I had ran my hardest. My answer was quite often no. “Why not?” he would say. These are the people who helped jump start my journey towards becoming a Kinesiology major.

My concentration within Kinesiology is the Fitness, Athletic, and Strength Training track. Through the specific courses and support from the staff in the FAST track, I am becoming a more qualified professional. Through their guidance, I am constantly adding new tools in my tool box. These experiences have helped me obtain my Personal Trainer Certification and have pushed me to find my true passion in Occupational Wellness.

I am currently just getting into my major based courses and have fallen more in love each day. Through my course on Essentials of Personal Training, I will be able to test and become a certified personal trainer. We learn through hands-on experience and visual methods to be ready when we hit the “real-world.”

Bottom Line

Becoming a Kinesiology major has been the best decision of my life thus far. Kinesiology not only builds you to be a better person but also equips you with the right tools to successfully build and change other lives through your career. I would not be the same man that I am today without my journey through the School of Kinesiology.