That One Goal


Author: Rodolfo Zuniga


One goal. All students have that one goal they are striving for. From graduating to simply surviving the semester. Your one goal might be physical or mental. It might be grade related, job related or have to do with your family. It can be a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly goal.

But the one thing all goals have in common is how bad you truly want to accomplish it. How much extra time are you willing to put in to make it happen? What are you willing to do to achieve it? That one goal!

Some students may have their strategy perfectly planned. They know the specific steps required to execute their plan and achieve their goal. However, there are others who are lost. Scared and afraid for what the future has in store for them. Spending countless hours in deliberation. Paralyzed without this one goal to guide them.

Think about it, what is that one goal that you’re itching to achieve? Now think about the steps that are required to achieve it. When thinking about this, notice hope is not part of your steps. Hoping does not achieve your goals. You must actively pursue it. There will be trials and failures, but just because it is hard it does not mean that it is not worth it. Think about that feeling you’ll fell as soon as you reach it. Right now, it may seem far, it may seem like it will take forever; however, it’s closer than it seems.

That one goal is within reach. But first, you must take those steps, never give up, and have some faith in yourself. And what if you change your goal along the way? Then so be it. That one goal can change daily, but don’t stop trying. Don’t give up on what you want more than anything. The struggles that you face, the heartache, the tears, sleepless nights, and effort that you put into it will pay off. The more you work, the more you’ll get out of it. So fight for it.

Think about how your life will be when you achieve that one goal. It may be small or big, may take days or years, or it may seem like you’ll never reach it at all. But you will.

You will always progress to reaching your goal as long as you don’t give up. Work for it. Strive for it. Don’t stop thinking about it. But most of all, don’t give up on that one goal.

So, think about it. What would you do for that one goal? Would you easily give up when times get tough? No. You will keep going, you will keep improving. You will accomplish it. So never stop thinking about that one goal.