Kinesiology Majors. Who Are We?


Author: Matthew Martinez

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Kinesiology major is faced with the same issue, and that being asked what someone can do with a kinesiology degree. There are common misconceptions as to what kinesiology majors do, however, many of them are very false. Many parents have asked their children what they can even do with this major. What it means to be a Kinesiology major is that we have become professionals in the certain field of kinesiology that we chose.  There are 7 different avenues that an aspiring Kinesiology major can choose from, each of which are very different in their own way.

The Classes

Throughout your Kinesiology degree plan a student will take classes tailored to their certain field. For example, I am apart of the Fitness and Athletic Strength Training (FAST) Concentration and my class deal more with the knowledge of the human body and movement patterns. I must know not only the different parts of the body, but how they function and what causes them to function properly. The knowledge I gain better me as a professional when dealing with my clients. There are also classes that allow me to become a certified professional within my field; I am required to take 3 classes that provide me with the opportunity to become a certified specialist.  These classes help me develop into a better professional, because once I graduate, I will have an in depth understanding of the human body. Therefore, when clients ask for my assistance, I will be able to provide the information that they need to better improve themselves.  They will also help build my confidence when discussing the movement patterns of the human body due to the rigorous courses that I am required to take.

The Professionalism

After taking kinesiology classes for 4 years, one will start to realize that they naturally know more about their specific concertation and are able to go out into the world and secure jobs because of one’s impressive knowledge. With this knowledge comes numerous people asking for help and this is where the professionalism will kick in. Not only am I learning about the human body and how it works, but I am also learning how to deal with people and how to talk to them about my field of interest. A lot of other majors focus more on the content that they give their students and never teach them how to apply it in real situations. As Kinesiology majors, we look at ourselves differently because we are helping the community. In the classes that you take as a Kinesiology major, along with the content that you are learning, you will also begin to practice real world situations and how to properly handle clients. This helps all student better develop a sense of professionalism, because when these problems do arise it is nothing that we have not seen before within our classes.

Bottom Line

This shows that Kinesiology major are not just a bunch a meat heads or athletes that do not know where they are going, but professionals that are ready to take on any situation, good or bad, that is sent their