3 Things Every Kinesiology Major Have In Common

Kinesiology majors live life on the go. We find joy in the madness of the various movement patterns of life. We put our best foot forward, gaining a deeper understanding our own body and how it moves in relation to others and this planet. We live life through trial and error, and are constantly making adjustments. Most Kinesiology-minded people would rather show you than tell you what we know with big expressive movements along with a huge smile grinning from ear to ear. Throughout my journey as a Kinesiology major, I have found three common threads woven into the lives of Kinesiologists. 

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3 Factors all PE Teachers Should Consider

PE teachers can impact the way children view physical education and can leave a lasting impact on that child’s life. When PE time is fun, interactive and educational, kids can develop important skills such as hand-eye coordination, proper movement skills and other important sport specific skills.

So what makes such a great PE Teacher? I’ve identified three key factors that will make your PE every child’s favorite class!  

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