A Different Kind of Love: The Kinesiology Kind

Scholars will define Kinesiology as the study of the movement of the body. I on the other hand would go one step further. To me, Kinesiology is about helping others live their healthiest live. It’s about empowering others through the skills and knowledge I learned during my four years as a Kinesiology major.

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Getting Ready Since Day One

I’ve been a Kinesiology major for six years. Through an undergraduate degree to a masters of science with a focus on health and wellness, there have been many friends and family members ask, “what can you do with a KINE degree?” To which I would typically answer what my future career goal was.

But when I really think about it, being a student of Kinesiology means so much more to me. It is not just a career. It is not just a my college degree. It truly is who I am. It has become a part of me.

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3 Things Every Kinesiology Major Have In Common

Kinesiology majors live life on the go. We find joy in the madness of the various movement patterns of life. We put our best foot forward, gaining a deeper understanding our own body and how it moves in relation to others and this planet. We live life through trial and error, and are constantly making adjustments. Most Kinesiology-minded people would rather show you than tell you what we know with big expressive movements along with a huge smile grinning from ear to ear. Throughout my journey as a Kinesiology major, I have found three common threads woven into the lives of Kinesiologists. 

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